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  • Evangelization.

    Sehen Sie sich dieses perfekte Beispiel an, in dem erklärt wird, was Evangelisierung im Kontext von sensiblem Marketing bedeutet.

  • Just do eat

    Watch this story about an iconic Nike brand. Sinsirily yours, Bleesk Sheep #bleksheep #painlesdigitalcraft #digitalmarketing #brandidentityagency #branddesign #digitalcommunication #socialmedia #webpresence #digitalface #plugandplaybusiness #boostbusinesstuning #turndownthenoice #noneedtoscream #sensitivemarketing #hasheight #boost #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #annamariaserafimaraevskayarepnina #raevskayarepnina #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima #annamariaserafimaraevskayarepnina #raevskayarepnina #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #раевскаярепнинааннамариясерафима #раевскаярепнина #oxfordbusinessalumni #startedinoxford #saidbusinessschool #oxfordsbs #oxford #moscow #london #russia #uk #womanfounders #serialentrepreneur #womeninlaw #womeninbusiness #theuniversityofoxford #innovateuk

  • QR codes for sensitiv marketin

    ยังคงใช้ข้อความลิขสิทธิ์ที่น่าเบื่อสำหรับเนื้อหาของคุณหรือไม่? พยายามแทนที่ด้วยรหัส QR Sinsirily yours, Blesk Sheep #bleksheep #painlesdigitalcraft #digitalmarketing #brandidentityagency #branddesign #digitalcommunication #socialmedia #webpresence #digitalface #plugandplaybusiness #boostbusinesstuning #turndownthenoice #noneedtoscream #sensitivemarketing #hasheight #boost #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #annamariaserafimaraevskayarepnina #raevskayarepnina #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #raevskayarepninaannamariaserafima #annamariaserafimaraevskayarepnina #raevskayarepnina #аннамариясерафимараевскаярепнина #раевскаярепнинааннамариясерафима #раевскаярепнина #oxfordbusinessalumni #startedinoxford #saidbusinessschool #oxfordsbs #oxford #moscow #london #russia #uk #womanfounders #serialentrepreneur #womeninlaw #womeninbusiness #theuniversityofoxford #innovateuk

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  • Blek Sheep | Digital Marketing | Brand Identity | PR & Communication

    WHITE AND FLUFFY BLENDED IN WITH THE CROWD? #bleksheep is a digital communication company working abroad. We develop creative content and support communication on social media and the internet based on sensitive marketing concepts. TURN DOWN THE NOISE If the customers' heart does not want to buy your products, nothing will come of it. It is impossible to stand out in color or sound among the incredible aggressive advertising noise everywhere. Louder, brighter, more intensity? Customers don't want to observe painful aggressive, noisy commercials anymore. They are destructively exploiting the frontal cortex of the human brain, and the attempts to be distinguished among others with the same intentions led to the opposite effect of convergency. That means that the wide distribution of hard-selling advertising eliminates identity but, in contradiction, increases brand blending among the companies. It took a practiced eye to spot the difference because there is any. A useless cash-burning is not the only consequence of the attempt to shout down of crowd. Such type of marketing damages health of people by stimulating hyperactivity of the brain and affecting neuroscience processes. What is to do? There are two ways to be noticed in the crowd: to scream louder than others or stay silent. Blek Sheep offers the third way to communicate with meta-messages detecting by heart and awakening other brain segments. NO NEED TO SCREAM Time to become black to be spotted. The Blek Sheep stays apart from the crowd not due to the different color but by meaning. We use sensitive marketing that doesn't aggressively exploit the human senses. That doesn't create a harmful aggressive effect on people to induce them to buy. We are targeting customers' soul, heart, and brain curiosity to stimulate another type of cognitive activity - research, discovery, investigation, analysis, synthesis. That evokes a sincere willingness to discover the product, learn more, and buy. Our concept has the fundamental ground base of being distinguished not by the increasing level of noise but by the meaning of the meta-message that we bring to customers. Therefore, we do not affect our customers by bright colors, aggressive slogans, and standard sales promoting phrases. We are setting up the harmless meta-communication through using the full range of depth of symbolism and visual patterns with multiple meanings, which are not used for "normal" ordinary advertising. We awake the curiosity of an inner child, the exuberance of getting new knowledge, the willingness to discover more and to continue further communication with the brand. OUR SERVICES BRAND IDENTITY Blek Sheep specializes in creating unique elements of identity to boost your brand that will help set you apart from the crowd and have a high impact to generate the results targeted to succeed in your business without affecting health of people. STORYTELLING We believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s crazy world to engage your audience. We offer storytelling services in such heavy, complicated areas as business, science, investments, economics. We prepare media content, presentations, reports, pitches and help you to support meaningful communication in social media. DIGITAL DESIGN Blek Sheep is a firm making a painless digital craft that is based on the principles of sensitive marketing. We are committed to help businesses grow and succeed through design that brings pleasant emotions, not pain, to your customers, leads to customer awareness, and conscious customer choice. Get in touch to find out about our specific services. DIGITAL FACE We provide a package deal - brand identity elements, organization of web presence, and support communication in digital media. Our offer includes elements of brand identity necessary for digital communication, we set up of digital ground base consisting of the website, profiles on social media, development of the initial content to post there. COMMUNICATIONS Blek Sheep offers a wide range of services, including media relations, branding and strategy, press conferences, and more. We work with you to customize messaging that best represents your business and maintain communication in social media. See what we offer below, and feel free to get in touch with any questions. Plug & Play Business BOOST BUSINESS TUNING When you start your own business, you need many more elements than just an incorporated legal entity to succeed. To begin, you shall have a digital face, a brand name & logo, the same-name legal entity, the same-name domain name, an accountant, a lawyer, a bank account, stamps, website, social media profiles, phone, office, or legal address, business cards, and the templates of documents. BOOST offers plug & play business service when you get the business ready for operations - you have the logo & brand book, documentation templates, legal entity, bank account, accountant, phone, digital face, and legally compliant office. Your business will be ready in 2 weeks. You will get the legal entity with the all necessary attributes to communicate with clients, vendors, employees, the public sector, and ready-for-operation business infrastructure for the startup. As soon as you have plug & play business, you can use the BOOST'shared services and #8 plug and play business tracker. As a part of the plug & play business, Blek Sheep exclusively provides digital design, branding, maintenance of digital communication, and organization of web presence for your business. Learn more about the product DID YOU SAY "ADVERTISING"? No, Joe Six-pack. We don't do this crap. DON'T ADVERTISE. EVANGELIZE. 10 commandments of sensitive marketing Know your customer. All products are bought by the soul. Don't scream about your products, and don't punch your customers' brains with Timberlands. You will get the opposite effect of hate, neglect, and abruption. Know who is a guide. A human is guided in his choice by his heart. The heart operates different senses comparing to human eyes, ears, nose, and skin. Know buying reason. Products appealing to the soul and heart don't need advertising. Have you ever seen the advertising for church candles? Maybe, you've participated in the Black Friday to get more Holy Bible books in the Monastery bookstore? Or you came to the Church because somebody gave you a promo coupon with a 50% discount for the Eucharist? When you understand why did you come to Church/Mosque/Synagogue/another place for common praying, and introduce this consumer model into your business, you will sell your products without any advertising. Know who you are. Do not advertise. Digitalize. Make your digital face that is remembered, digitalize the presence of your company and your products. When you get your passport, you don't scream about that every day 24/7. Know the pain. Do not advertise. Evangelize. Your product shall create meaning for people and treat the pain that exists. Don't be trapped by the dogma that the startup founders "know the pain". They "brainstorm" the pains. They excogitate the pains to persuade investors to give them money. They know nothing about their customers and don't want to know that. They need money to cover the living costs, and if they fail - no problem, it was a risky startup and blablabla. Treat the pain you have and do the product for yourself. At least, you will have one customer for your product. Create great products. Only great products have a chance to be evangelized. A piece of crap can't be successful even advertised, no talking about evangelization. Be perfect. The simplest way to create a great product is to become a perfectionist and do the product for yourself that you would by your soul and heart. Make people happy. Does your product make people happy? Ask yourself, does that make you happy if you buy that? If no - continue to work on the product, not on advertising. Do not make people unhappy. Do not bully their brains and organs of senses by hard-selling advertising, spam, and "cold calls." In terms of digital marketing, all you need are a digital signboard, digital reception, and digital cashdesk. Feed souls. Make products dedicated to the soul, not to the body. PORTFOLIO To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. GET THE QUOTE Submit Thanks for submitting! We handle all incoming requests within 48 hours. Missis Blek 4 days ago 1 min Just do eat 0 views Write a comment Missis Blek May 25 1 min Welkam to the Blek Sheep blog! 0 views Write a comment Missis Blek May 25 1 min Welkam to the Blek Sheep blog! 0 views Write a comment Missis Blek May 25 1 min Welkam to the Blek Sheep blog! 0 views Write a comment Missis Blek May 25 1 min Welkam to the Blek Sheep blog! 0 views Write a comment Missis Blek May 25 1 min Welkam to the Blek Sheep blog! 0 views Write a comment Missis Blek May 25 1 min Welkam to the Blek Sheep blog! 0 views Write a comment Missis Blek May 25 1 min Welkam to the Blek Sheep blog! 0 views Write a comment Missis Blek May 25 1 min Welkam to the Blek Sheep blog! 0 views Write a comment Missis Blek May 25 1 min Welkam to the Blek Sheep blog! 0 views Write a comment PAINLES DIGITAL CRAFT

  • Translation Disclaimer | Painles digital craft | Blek Sheep | Moscow

    TRANSLATION DISLAIMER This website related to the project or company which is a part of the Rare Earth Group or its affiliates BOOST, HASHEIGHT, Turnaround Guide, 2R, Ultra Antifraud, Rare Food, Rare Apparel, BOOST Business Tuning Atelier, BOOST Venture Fund, Happy Harry, Happy Kids, Blek Sheep. This website was proudly automatically translated by Google. The translation left intentionally horrible and was not tailored by a proofread due to the following reasons. Google Translator is an embedded pre-settled uncustomized solution for , the website platform development provider serving us. As you will see, the translation is a kind of horrible disaster, up to some degree just partially reflecting the real sense of thoughts that we strove to bring to your attention. We know that, and we didn't adjust that, and we probably won't do that in the future due to the following reasons. Google translator is a product of a mass cognitive activity that involved the thinking, skills, knowledge, and view of many people. We don't think that developing this product so many people set a target to do a crapy funny tool murdering the English language and the other languages. Probably, in their creation, these people together were led to create something great and helpful. However, the core in product development is user acceptance testing. That means that somebody who knows the language well estimates the quality of such translation. Reading the texts after the Google translation, we may suppose that in the Google Translator development, this essential step was omitted or missed partially or in the whole. As long as many people are working for Google and proud of their job, we assume that their work shall be visible and apparent results shall give them the fame they deserve. Every time you see the crapy translation on our website, think about Google. Not about us. So, Google shall change its products. Google offers them representing them as a ready-to-use solution. Not we shall change our translation. As you know, search engines use the same kind of machine translation to adopt and recognize the website's content to offer you the best choice, by the opinion of search engines and another squad of intelligent, clever developers probably not less talented than Google team. So, you can enjoy crapy translation twice. As far as both kinds of solutions - Google Translation and machine search engines - are done by people, and, unfortunately, we have extensive experience of communication with people and doing business abroad (so we have enjoyed for many years a human-made translation as well) we don't consider an option of human-made translation as a better scenario. Until hiring of native-speakers, we can't guarantee the quality of content regardless of who translated that. It takes time. Please, be patient in your dealing with us. All our websites are writing about serious things requiring hard thinking. No chance for us with our main topic even embed a small anecdote. However, the crapy translation brings much fun to our websites. We think it shall be a crime to deprive our readers of pleasure to laugh at this Google pissed of art. Alibaba didn't stop doing business due to an automated translation from Chinese. Just in case - the automated translation from oriental languages is one of the most horrible things. An internet itself, is an invention preliminary created by English-speaking people for English-understanding hardware. That appears everywhere - in fonts, typefaces, interfaces, hardware, software, and other products of intellectual activity of English-speaking people. We love the English language native speakers. But in the whole eight bln world, they are about 400 mln that means about 5% of the total population. We can't change that. We can try to offer tailored software and hardware with preinstalled translation and typography for the rest of 7.6 bln people in the world. That's our task on which we are working now. To make a text accessible for both kinds of trash makers - Google and search engines - we can't write the text in the form we desire to do that's suitable for live people. We shall simplify the text, phrases and exclude many things with a loss of meaning in some cases to make the websites understandable for machines. 6. When you use our final products or visit localized websites, you will be sure of the quality of the text and that this brings the message intended to you. 7. As we are initially a digital, high-tech company, an English language is a Gold standard for all our websites, products, and materials. 8. If you are in doubt about the content of this website, use the predominant English version, the original version of the materials. Moscow, Russian Federation May 29th, 2021 Rare Earth Group

  • Digital Marketing | Blek Sheep | Russia

    Blek Sheep. 2014-2021. Moscow, Russia. All rights reserved. Raevskaya-Repnina.

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  • Welkam to the forum!

    Ask me about digital design and sensitiv markiting. Sinsirily yours, Blesk Sheep

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