Important notice. Pricing information is provided for informational purposes only and is not complete information about the price and the detailed scope of the service rendered by the Blek Sheep firm. For the Squad prices go to their websites. If you are already a BOOST customer, see your Shared Service Level Agreement for tariffs, price list, and information on standard services. You can request an accurate calculation of the cost of services using our online order form. Get the quote if your case isn't listed in our standard order online form. In addition to the price, the client shall compensate all expenses for acquired fonts, photos, graphic images, all direct material expenses, state taxes, fees, and travel costs related to the project.


  • Digital face: 1000000 USD (branded website with content and social media package with profiles initial content).

  • Brand identity package + hosted website: 200000 USD.

  • Brand identity package: 100000 USD.

  • Logo design: 8199 USD.

  • Branded website: 12000 USD per 1 page.

  • Website content writing: 30 USD per 1 symbol.

  • Branded documentation templates: 30-1000 USD per one type of the document.

  • Special project: 100000 USD (article, interview).

  • Branded website content: 100 USD per 1 customized element. 5000 USD per 1 branded individual image (collage, comics, adjusted photo, poster, illustration).

  • Branded infographics: 7600 USD per 1 item.

  • Branded merch: 300-1000 USD per item.

  • Power Point template: 10000 USD per 15 pages. + 1300 USD per every additional next page.

  • Comics: 5000 USD per 1 page.


  • Special project: 87500 USD.

  • Social media profile - 40000 USD per 1 profile including branded background and logo.

  • Social media content: 30000 USD per 1 pack: graphic images + publications templates (300 posts templates) + calendar when to post.

  • Social media communication: 30 USD per 1 symbol in one regular post.

  • Social media communication: 30 USD per 1 symbol in the response to customers comments.

  • Storytelling: 500000 USD per 1 article.

  • PR and communication: press-release 500 USD per 1 symbol. Communications: 10000-50000 USD per hour depending on the nature of services.

  • Production services: presentations - 30 USD per 1 symbol, graph/chart/infographic 12600 USD per 1 item, illustration 7600 per 1 item.

  • Production services: documents - 30 USD per 1 symbol.


  • Reputation management: 30000 USD per hour.

  • Product marketing: 30000 USD per hour.

  • Marketing strategy for startups: 100000 USD.

  • Marketing strategy for mature late-stage business: 1000000 USD.

  • Product concept: 1000000 USD.

  • Product design: 700000 USD per hour.